The right-leaning Wall Street Journal editorial board is calling on President-elect Trump to let go of his business empire when he becomes the nation’s next president in January.

The Journal said Friday night that the businessman should sell off all of his ownership of the Trump Organization, a sprawling empire that includes branding, licensing and real estate deals.

“Mr. Trump’s best option,” the paper said, “is to liquidate his stake in the company. … Mr. Trump could put the cash proceeds in a true blind trust. The Trump children can keep the assets in their name, and he can transfer more to them as long as he pays a hefty gift tax. Finally, Mr. Trump should stipulate that he and his children will have no communication about family business matters.”

Trump is under scrutiny, by the news media and Democrats, for so far declining to publicly state what he’ll do with his company, which represents a potential conflict of interest when he is sworn into office.

Trump has said he will turn the company over to his adult children in a “blind trust,” but that arrangement doesn’t eliminate the perception that he would remain involved with his private business while serving as president.

Trump set to take sharp right turn on immigration policy

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11/18/16 12:01 AM

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