Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo will be nominated to be President-elect Trump’s director of the Central Intelligence Agency, according to the transition team.

Pompeo, a former Army captain, was first elected in 2010 and serves on the House Select Intelligence Committee and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, as well as the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

“I am honored to have been given this opportunity to serve and to work alongside President-elect Donald J. Trump to keep America safe. I also look forward to working with America’s intelligence warriors, who do so much to protect Americans each and every day,” Pompeo said in a statement.

The Kansas congressman is a graduate of West Point and Harvard Law School and was once an editor of the Harvard Law Review. He founded Thayer Aerospace, which made airplane parts, and served as the company’s CEO before selling his interest.

According to his website, Pompeo’s major interests in Congress have been freeing up businesses from government regulations and “defending our individual constitutional rights.”

He’s previously said that Edward Snowden, a former contractor who leaked thousands of documents on the American intelligence system, should get the death penalty. He was a fervent questioner of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the hours-long Benghazi hearing that delved deeply into Clinton’s private email server in 2015.

In a statement from his office, Pompeo said it was a difficult decision to leave Congress.

“I have genuinely loved representing the people of Kansas in Congress — working to make our community stronger and more prosperous,” Pompeo said. “But ultimately the opportunity to lead the world’s finest intelligence warriors, who labor tirelessly to keep this nation and Kansas safe, is a call to service I cannot ignore.”

“I want to thank the people of the 4th District who entrusted me over the past six years to be their voice in our nation’s capital,” he added. “I will continue to represent you in this new post with the highest level of honesty, integrity, and vision.”

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Trump said Pompeo was the best choice for the job.

“I am proud to nominate Congressman Mike Pompeo as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency,” Trump said in a statement. “He has served our country with honor and spent his life fighting for the security of our citizens. Mike graduated number one in his class at West Point and is a graduate of Harvard Law School where he served as an editor of the Harvard Law Review. He will be a brilliant and unrelenting leader for our intelligence community to ensure the safety of Americans and our allies.”

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