Treasury Secretary Jack Lew offered a restrained defense of bankers serving as financial regulators Thursday, saying that people from all backgrounds are needed to carry out complicated tasks.

Lew’s comment was made in response to a question at an event in Washington about the rumor that President-elect Trump may choose JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon or another banker to replace him at the treasury, although Lew declined to talk specifically about the Trump administration.

“I think it’s a mistake to just label any group with a broad brush stroke,” explained Lew, who himself worked at the megabank Citigroup before the Obama administration.

Lew said the responsibilities of treasury secretary demand “a lot of different backgrounds you need to draw upon,” and that anyone in that position would need to rely on people with experience in markets, with Congress and in international affairs.

Controversies about bankers in office are not new to Lew. He strongly supported the nomination of investment banker Antonio Weiss to a high-level position in his treasury, even as liberal Senate Democrats rallied against Weiss on the grounds of his industry background. Ultimately, liberals forced Weiss to withdraw, although he later joined the agency in a role that didn’t require confirmation.

Outside progressive groups have coordinated with senators over the past several months to prepare to steer the new administration away from Wall Street nominees, although that effort was more geared toward shaping a Clinton administration than a Trump one.

Lew delivered his comments at an “exit interview” event hosted at Georgetown University.

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