Republican Party spokesman Sean Spicer said President-elect Trump isn’t opposed to filling his Cabinet with people who worked against him during the campaign.

Speaking on Fox News Friday, Spicer said Trump’s meeting with Sen. Ted Cruz and his upcoming meeting with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney shows he’s willing to work with his rivals.

“What that meeting and the meeting with Ted Cruz shows is Donald Trump is not looking at someone’s political affiliation,” Spicer said. “Whether they supported him or not, he wants the best and brightest, the most qualified people to fill his administration to … give him advice on policies and how to enact an agenda successfully.”

Trump is scheduled to meet with Romney this weekend about the secretary of state post. Romney is one of many names that has been floated for the position.

Romney joining the Trump camp would be shocking after the former presidential candidate’s pledge to work against Trump politically at every turn during the campaign. At one point, Romney even came out of the shadows he has mostly stayed in since his 2012 defeat to President Obama to give a speech slamming Trump.

Trump responded by ripping Romney as a loser for months on the campaign trail, and said he “choked like a dog” in the 2012 election. But Spicer said all of that would be behind them.

“It’s his vision to get on and say, if you want to get on board and enact an agenda and have real change, I’ll take you,” Spicer said.

Spicer added that the national security landing team, consisting of the Departments of State, Defense and Justice and the National Security Council, would begin speaking with Obama officials in those departments on Friday.

Spicer said this was an important step in figuring how what positions need to be filled and what processes need to be completed. An economic policy landing team and domestic policy landing team will come early next week, he said.

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