The National Republican Congressional Committee trolled Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Thursday by endorsing her effort to stay on as the House minority leader, and saying that Pelosi more than any other person deserves credit for the ongoing GOP majority in the House.

“No single person deserves more credit for House Republicans’ historic majority than Nancy Pelosi,” said NRCC Communications Director Katie Martin. “Under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, House Democrats have become completely irrelevant, and there is no better way to ensure that remains the case than by keeping her as minority leader.”

“The NRCC offers its full support to Nancy Pelosi as she attempts to fend off this challenge to her failed leadership from within the ranks of her own party,” she added.

The NRCC endorsement came just moments after Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, said he would challenge Pelosi, and asked Democrats to support his candidacy to be the next House Democratic leader.

The NRCC said that under Pelosi’s leadership, Democrats passed Obamacare, after which Democrats lost 63 seats in 2010. It said she “miraculously” kept her spot even then, which led to an even bigger Republican majority later.

“Former Speaker Pelosi has also established herself as the world’s worst election prognosticator,” the NRCC added. “Since her relegation to the minority, Pelosi has repeatedly assured reporters, cycle after cycle, that a Democrat majority is right around the corner, only to be soundly defeated each time.”

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11/18/16 12:01 AM

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