Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said Thursday that she will fill out her term, regardless of the election results.

Asked during a congressional hearing if she could imagine any circumstances in which she could resign early, Yellen responded, “no, I cannot.”

“It is fully my intention to serve out that term,” Yellen said of her term that ends in February of 2018.

Yellen also would have the option to stay on as a member of the Fed’s Board of Governors through 2024 after her term as chairwoman ends, although historically chairs tend to leave the central bank after their term ends.

President-elect Trump harshly criticized Yellen during the campaign, accusing her of manipulating interest rates in order to boost Democrats. He also suggested that the Fed has engineered a bubble poised to burst and harm the economy.

His comments led some analysts to speculate that Yellen might quit if he were elected. After the election, however, an outside adviser to Trump suggested that the incoming president would not seek her premature exit.

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