House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer asked Democrats to re-elect him to his leadership post, even as he acknowledged many of them favor bringing new blood to the top posts.

“Members are rightly frustrated and angry,” Hoyer said to rank-and-file Democrats in a letter delivered Wednesday. “We’ve now had several election cycles with disappointing results, and we must take a serious look at why that’s the case.

“We clearly cannot keep doing the same thing cycle after cycle and expect a different result. It is imperative that we bring younger, more diverse members into the decision-making process.”

Hoyer, of Maryland, joins Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., in seeking re-election to their No. 1 and 2 party leadership positions.

The pair have led House Democrats for more than a decade and have fended off mostly weak challenges over the years.

But the two are now in their 70s, and after a brief stint in the majority (2006-10), they are faced with growing restlessness from their rank-and-file who are fed up with their minority status. Democrats picked up six seats while Republicans maintained a 20-seat majority.

Pelosi this week was forced to delay the leadership elections until the week of Nov. 29 and could face a challenge from Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio. She said in a letter to Democrats Wednesday that she has the backing of two-thirds of the Democratic caucus in her bid to remain minority leader.

Hoyer and Pelosi once battled for the top job, but Pelosi was able to win more support and Hoyer for the most part has settled for the No. 2 position. He is politically more moderate than Pelosi.

Hoyer touted his accomplishments in the 114th Congress and made promises for the next session that begins in January.

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“As the Democratic whip in the 115th Congress, I will keep engaging members across the caucus in our effort to represent the majority of Americans who sided with us in this election, while continuing a dialogue with those who didn’t,” Hoyer said.

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