Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Monday he may look to tone down his reaction to former Breitbart News CEO Steve Bannon, who will be a top adviser to President-elect Trump, just a day after Reid’s staff blasted the move as one that would advance the career of a “white supremacist.”

“Maybe I will offer an olive twig or two,” Reid joked to reporters after saying he would address Bannon from the Senate floor Tuesday. Late last week, Reid said Trump’s win would embolden the forces of “hate and bigotry.”

Reid is the only Democrat in leadership who has publicly trashed Trump without tempering his message with the need to respect the decision of voters around the country.

Asked why he hasn’t thrown out any type of “olive branch” as other Democratic leaders, such as Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Reid said reporters would have to wait until tomorrow.

On Monday, flanked by Nevada Democratic lawmakers, Reid tried to ignore the Bannon uproar and focus the entire press conference on the election outcome in Nevada.

He touted the success of the “Reid machine” in the critical swing state that Hillary Clinton won, trumpeting Nevada as a bright spot in Tuesday’s results that nonetheless sent Trump to the White House and let Senate Republicans keep their majority.

“I was heavily involved in Nevada,” he said. “I did everything I could to help elect Clinton, but I wasn’t involved in orchestrating what happened around the country, what the ground game was, where they placed their TV spots.

“I did in Nevada — I even got involved in some of the TV placement,” he said, noting at one point that the infusion of cash into Nevada from the GOP-aligned Kochs brothers “didn’t scare me at all.”

“I just want to express how elated we are that Nevada turned out as well as it did,” he told reporters. “We’re very happy with each of these individuals that I’m here with today — [We’re] very, very proud of them.

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“The people of the state of Nevada responded to the message that we delivered, and we did just fine,” he said, before introducing each of the winners, including his hand-picked successor, former Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto.

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