President Obama said Monday that undoing the Paris climate change deal will “choke off” the coming generations by letting China and India off the hook when it comes to controlling their greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s okay to call an international climate change deal “terrible,” until “you are responsible for it,” Obama said Monday at his first press conference since the election of Donald Trump.

Trump has threatened to pull the U.S. out of last December’s Paris climate change accord between nearly 200 nations. But Obama said the biggest “threat” for increased carbon pollution won’t come from the U.S., it will come from China and India.

If these countries aren’t held to account under the Paris agreement, then “our kids will be choked off,” he said.

The climate accord, which is non-binding, holds countries to promises they have made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which many scientists blame for causing the temperature of the Earth to rise. The deal seeks to stop the temperature from rising 2 degrees by the middle of the century.

The United Nations deal went into effect four days before the Nov. 8 elections, and new international talks on how to implement it are currently underway in Morocco.

Obama said Trump would “absolutely” have his own thoughts on how to move ahead on this U.N. deal, but “the tradition has been that you carry them forward across administrations.”

He said it’s particularly good to carry forward with a deal like this when it can be shown that it has been good for the nation, while binding other nations into carrying out behaviors that are good for the United States.

The president applied the same standard to last year’s climate change deal as he applied to the nuclear deal struck with Iran.

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“When you aren’t responsible for it, I think you can call it a terrible deal,” Obama said. “When you are responsible for the deal in preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, you are more likely to look at the facts,” he said. “That is going to be true in other circumstances, for example the Paris agreement.”

“There has been a lot of talk about undoing this international agreement,” Obama noted, referring to Trump’s plan to exit from the Paris deal once in the Oval Office. “You have 200 countries that have signed up for this thing, and the good news is what we have been able to show over the last five, six, eight years is its possible to grow the economy fast and possible to bring down carbon emissions as well.”

Obama added, “it’s not just a bunch a rules that we’ve set up,” but private industry and utilities have decided to install more solar panels. He also noted that the nation’s large automakers have seen record sales while “over-achieving on the fuel efficiency standards that we set.”

California is moving ahead with its own clean energy agenda, “separate and apart from any federal regulations that have been put forward,” he said. Obama added that 40 percent of America has already achieved most of what is contained in the Paris deal and the administration’s climate regulations.

“And even states like Texas that politically tend to oppose me, you’ve seen huge increases in wind power and solar power,” Obama said. Also, companies like Google and Wal-Mart are pursuing greater energy efficiency because its “good for their bottom line,” he added.

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