As part of an outreach effort to Americans who are difficult to reach due to “geographic distribution,” President Obama said it is key for Democrats to “train new voters” and volunteers to rally support.

“We have better ideas. But they have to be heard for us to actually translate those ideas into votes and ultimately into action,” Obama told Democratic National Committee stakeholders in a conference call Monday after holding a press conference before his final trip overseas as president.

He said part of the challenge Democrats face, after their poor showing on Election Day last week which saw Republicans keep majorities in both houses of Congress and win the White House, is to overcome “geographic distribution, there are big chunks of the country that just aren’t hearing us.”

In the presidential election, Democrat Hillary Clinton’s struggle to sway voters in places outside of major urban areas cost her crucial swing-states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan.

“And they won’t hear us if we’re not showing up and if we’re not there fighting day in, day out for those ideas,” Obama added. “And that is not something that you can just do every four years. It’s something that you got to do over a lengthy period of time — building trust, building relationships, making sure that people understand what we’re about, focusing on down ballot, recruiting, training candidates, reaching out to every community — whether they agree or disagree. Because even in communities that are rock-solid Republican, there’s a difference between us losing 60-40 or losing 80-20. And that can swing an election.”

Obama continued, “We got to train new voters. We got to train volunteers. All that work has to be done. And look, one of the challenges that I’ve discovered being president is I’d like to be organizer-in-chief, but it’s hard.”

He went on to say that Democrats have to “be a little more strategic, and we got to work a little bit harder” in order to advance a Democratic agenda.

The president echoed what he said at the press conference, that for the remaining two months of his administration his main job “is to make sure we finish up strong” before he hands over the keys to President-elect Donald Trump.

And afterwards as a private citizen, he said “I’m not going to stop … working on behalf of the things that I care about, and I’m hoping that I’m going to have the opportunity to work with a whole bunch of you in all kinds of different ways.”

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