Celebrating the “dawn of a new, unified Republican government,” House Speaker Paul Ryan and GOP lawmakers put aside their longstanding reservations about Donald Trump and appeared ready to embrace his administration, including the choice of Breitbart executive Steve Bannon to serve as his senior advisor.

House Republican lawmakers, gathering for their first official meeting since sweeping the White House and both chambers in Congress, were greeted by Trump’s signature “make America great again” red baseball caps, which were placed on the chairs in a basement conference room where the group met.

Ryan told reporters after the meeting that the GOP is eager to work with Trump to fix the nation’s problems, which include skyrocketing health insurance costs, a sluggish economy and regulatory red tape weighing down business growth.

“We are on the same page with our president-elect,” Ryan said, adding that he has been talking to Trump every day about the transition process and the 2017 agenda.

Reporters peppered Ryan with questions about Bannon, whose publication has produced headlines offensive to Jews and women.

“I would say the president is going to be judged on his results,” Ryan said. He called Bannon “a person who helped win an incredible victory on an incredible campaign.”

Ryan said the GOP is “confident” in Trump, who he said is a multi-billionaire “who has been so successful” because he surrounds himself with talented people.

Ryan gave few clues about the lame-duck session and how Congress would resolve the upcoming spending deadline.

He said GOP leaders are working with the Trump transition team to devise an agenda for the end of this year and the next session of Congress which begins in January.

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“We are working hand and glove,” Ryan said. “And we are going to make sure that this is a very successful administration but more importantly, we are going to make sure that the voices we heard in this election are acted upon, that we actually fix the country’s problems.”

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