The leader of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign said Tuesday that the Trump family would determine in private the terms of how Trump’s business will be run while he’s president.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said reports that there was a request for security clearances for the Trump children were misleading, and that if that question was asked, it was done informally.

Getting a security clearance would be the only way the Trump children could speak with their father about national issues because they are expected to be put in charge of a blind trust running the Trump Organization. If they do run the company in such an arrangement, they are prohibited by law from discussing the business with the president-elect.

Conway said the family will inform the public of their arrangement in due time.

“They’re discussing that and that’s their business,” she said. “And, they will make public what their decisions are. They have a team of advisers counseling them on how best to do this.”

She said the Trump Organization has been a family-run company for decades and likely will remain so.

Conway added that it’s doubtful the Trump children will be very far away from their father during his time in office given their influence during the campaign.

“You can expect them to support his presidency,” Conway said.

Conway also denied reports that Trump was surprised during his meeting with President Obama on “the scope” of the presidency.

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The Wall Street Journal reported Trump was caught off-guard by the fact that he has to hire all new staff for the West Wing and the duties of the office. Conway said that was likely a leak from a staff member in the Obama administration.

“It’s unfair and it’s also untrue,” she said. “Everyone is well aware of what happens in the West Wing in a new president’s administration. It sounds like it comes from the staff level and people like to leak to the media.”

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