Kellyanne Conway, President-elect Trump’s former campaign manager and a current officer on his transition team, indicated Monday that Trump is likely to fill his White House with familiar faces in the weeks ahead.

“In my view, it’s very important for President-elect Trump to have those around him who were with him to this point,” Conway told reporters inside Trump Tower in Manhattan, where the president-elect has conducted his business since winning the election last week. “Loyalty is very important to him. He’s loyal to people, they’re loyal to him.”

Conway rejected criticism of Trump’s decision to name Steve Bannon, former campaign CEO and head of Breitbart News, as his chief strategist.

“I worked very closely with Steve Bannon. He’s been the general of this campaign,” Conway said. “And frankly people should look at the full resume. He has got a Harvard business degree. He’s a naval officer. He has success in entertainment. I don’t know if you’re aware of that. And he certainly was a Goldman Sachs managing partner. Brilliant tactician.”

Critics have pointed to some of Breitbart’s most provocative headlines to accuse Bannon of harboring nationalist and racist views.

“I’m personally offended that you think I would manage a campaign where that would be one of the going philosophies,” Conway said of the allegations against Bannon.

Trump also announced Sunday that Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, would become his White House chief of staff. Bannon and Priebus are the first two Trump allies to land permanent positions in the incoming administration.

“I think this week you’ll hear some additional appointments,” Conway told reporters on Monday.

She hinted that Trump would likely leave New York City sometime this week, suggesting he could travel to an unannounced location “in the next day or two.” Conway said she planned to visit the Washington, D.C., transition office personally on Tuesday.

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Trump filled his transition team last week with people who stood by him during the contentious presidential race, such as Rep. Marsha Blackburn and staff from the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions.

Donald Trump could sideline a generation of rising GOP stars

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President-elect Trump with his unexpected victory has sidelined the White House prospects of an entire generation of Republican stars.

A bevy of Republicans in their 40s and 50s — governors and senators, some on the rise, others nearing or at the apex of their political careers, were expected to contend for the presidency in 2020.

Then along came Trump, the 70 year-old Baby Boomer who muscled other boomers and Generation X Republicans out of the 2016 nomination and with his win over Hillary Clinton put their presidential aspirations on ice indefinitely.

Their next opportunity to run for president is probably eight years away.

11/14/16 12:01 AM

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