Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., praised protesters speaking out against President-elect Trump across the nation, but urged them to not turn to the hateful speech that was a big part of the campaign.

“When you have a president that in his campaign, who ran saying things that aren’t just contrary to fact but literally threatening to use presidential power in a way that would erode the rights and privileges and equality of large sectors of Americans, then God bless the protesters,” Booker said Sunday on “Meet the Press.”

But he cautioned protesters not to “become the very thing that they’re protesting against.”

“We need to raise our voices, but we do not need to indulge in hate,” he said.

Booker promised he would not engage in tactics Republicans used to try to discredit and undermine President Obama.

“I’m not going to become what the other side in many ways did that I thought was despicable, whether it’s heckling a president during his State of the Union or questioning the birth and the legitimacy of a president. Those things are despicable to me,” he said.

Protests erupted across the country following Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton, where many who supported the Democratic nominee have burned flag and chanted “not my president.” A Friday night protest in Los Angeles this week reportedly resulted in the arrests of 187 adults.

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