Nicholas Kristof surprised his readers on social media Saturday by announcing on Twitter, “I interrupted an intruder in my hotel room in Philadelphia. A chase. A fight. Restrained him. Police have just arrived.”

Kristof clarified moments later that that it was not just his room in the Franklin Hotel but rather “our hotel room” and the intruder was “just a thief” who had “been arrested.” Kristof let on that he had a “wrenched thumb from the fight” but was in good working order otherwise.

Later in the day, Kristof gave a fuller account of the story on his New York Times blog. He and his wife and co-author Sheryl were in WuDunn were in Philadelphia for a professional society meeting. He had slipped out while she was sleeping to go get coffee and had handled the door gingerly so as not to wake her. Because of this, the door had closed but not locked.

At the elevator, Kristof met a man who looked like he also would be going down, “but he said that he was waiting for his wife and I should go ahead.” When Kristof came back to his room, coffee in hand, he found the same man standing there, holding his sleeping wife’s purse and going through it.

“What are you doing? Who are you?” Kristof shouted.

He threatened the man with hot coffee if he didn’t answer. The intruder tried to claim he was the maintenance man. The columnist’s waking wife found the whole scene very confusing, but had the presence of mind to call hotel security.

At that point, the man bolted past Kristof, who gave chase. Kristof gave the intruder a bit of a lead when he threatened to cut Kristof with a hypothetical knife. The two ended up racing down the stairs and crashing through the hotel restaurant.

Finally, when they got near the front door, “with other people nearby and not wanting him to escape out the lobby, I jump him. There’s a tussle and I pin him in a full nelson,” Kristof wrote.

US takes refugees off Australia's hands in Obama's final days

Also from the Washington Examiner

President Obama’s team will adopt at least one more significant refugee policy before President-elect Trump brings his more restrictionist policies to the White House.

Refugees from Afghanistan and other countries who sought asylum in Australia will instead find a home in the United States, pursuant to an agreement struck by Secretary of State John Kerry that will alleviate pressure on Australian leaders who have been accused of forcing refugees to live in inhumane conditions at offshore precessing centers.

“We in the United States have agreed to consider referrals from UNHCR [the United Nations refugee Agency] on refugees now residing in Nauru and in Papua New Guinea,” Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters while

11/12/16 10:25 PM

He reminded readers parenthetically, “This is less heroic than it sounds, because he’s scrawny; I only tackle thieves who are smaller than me.”

Nor was he in any deadly peril. After the police took the man away and took Kristof’s statement, he learned that the man “turn[ed] out to be homeless and unarmed.”

The columnist found himself grateful that the would-be thief had no weapon and had one all important takeaway message for his readers: “always, always, always lock your hotel room door even if you’re only going to be gone for a couple of minutes.”

Keith Ellison could double down on Democrats' city strategy

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Pols familiar with Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison are unsurprised that he is gaining traction as a candidate to helm the Democratic National Committee, noting his progressive credentials, loyalty to the party, and the prospect that he could help to devise strategies for retaining the sort of progressive urban voters the party has become reliant upon.

“I’m intrigued by the thought of Rep. Ellison running the DNC,” said Thom Petersen, director of government relations for a Minnesota farmers’ group and a longtime Democratic activist. “I have known him since he was first elected to the Minnesota State House in 2002.

“His thing has always been voter turnout,” Petersen said. “He made it a top priority. He didn’t have to, because he

11/12/16 6:20 PM

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