Hours after meeting with President-elect Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Thursday evening the duo’s working lunch was a success as the two realized they are ready to “go out and execute” the billionaire businessman’s campaign promises to the American people.

“What I got out of Donald Trump today is, this is a man of action. He is ready to get working. He wants to get it done for the country,” Ryan told Fox News’ Bret Baier.

The Wisconsin congressman dismissed previous criticisms he had leveled at his new boss, explaining “the past is the past” and the Republican Party’s success in the legislative and executive branches on Tuesday was in fact thanks in large part to Trump, whose “coattails” down-ticket conservatives road on Election Day.

“Look, Donald Trump heard something out there in America that no one else heard. He heard and he saw a movement out there,” Ryan added. “And so, Donald Trump deserves all that credit.”

For the first time since 1984, his state’s 10 electoral votes went to a Republican presidential candidate. Ryan said although the party chose an “unconventional candidate,” it has unified as a result of winning all in the House, Senate and White House.

Ryan hinted he wants to roll back federal regulations with the help of a supportive GOP president.

“Think about the out of work coal workers. Think about the out of work timber workers in the West. Think about the ranchers who are getting hit by the Interior Department. Think about all these regulations that Obama’s planning on rolling out that will put a wet rag, a dark cloud on our economy. It’s being lifted,” Ryan said. “Donald Trump’s election right there just from regulations helps saves millions of jobs, helps the economy. And that’s before we even get going on passing a legislative agenda to get people back to work to fix our country’s problems. So, we’re all very excited about getting to work on this.”

Five things Trump could do to change Obamacare right away

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There’s a laundry list of things President-elect Donald Trump could do on his own to modify the Affordable Care Act, even if Congress gets hung up on exactly how to repeal and replace it.

While the Affordable Care Act is a lengthy piece of legislation, the Obama administration issued many more pages of regulations and guidance explaining exactly how it should be implemented. The new administration, under the direction of Trump, could amend or get rid of those directives as soon as it’s in place next year, and thus significantly alter the law without having to wait for Congress.

Additionally, the Department of Justice is involved in several ongoing disputes involving the healthcare law and some of the payments it lays out for

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