Khizr Khan, the father of a Muslim-American service member killed in action, called for President Obama to speak out on behalf of minority and faith groups who feel they have been oppressed by President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters.

“President Obama is still the president. He has the obligation to express the concerns of these people on the street, people being intimidated and harassed,” Khan told CNN host Anderson Cooper on Thursday night.

Khan, who became a household name for his speech at the Democratic National Convention this summer, said Trump’s supporters have harassed Muslims in the wake of the election.

“I have just a few hours ago found out that Muslims are being intimidated by Donald Trump’s supporters wearing the t-shirts, wearing the caps of Donald Trump. They are attacking Muslims — Muslim women, snatching their scarves, in New York, in Los Angeles. Mosques are being attacked by people throwing things. And that needs to stop,” Khan said, but did not follow up with specific examples.

Khan said Trump and his surrogates must “calm down” supporters and help them transition out of election mode, but he defended the tens of thousands who have protested Trump, some even violently. Despite calling for a peaceful transition, Khan said the protests are indicative of how many people have been intimidated and feel that their rights have not been fully guaranteed.

Khan plans to give Trump his respect once he earns it, but did not say how that could be achieved.

“If he does not follow the Constitution, which has made him president, how would I have my faith? He’s been elected president, but he has to earn our respect. He has to earn the position of the presidency. That needs to be seen,” Khan said, after praising the president-elect for his comments 36 hours into his new role.

Five things Trump could do to change Obamacare right away

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There’s a laundry list of things President-elect Donald Trump could do on his own to modify the Affordable Care Act, even if Congress gets hung up on exactly how to repeal and replace it.

While the Affordable Care Act is a lengthy piece of legislation, the Obama administration issued many more pages of regulations and guidance explaining exactly how it should be implemented. The new administration, under the direction of Trump, could amend or get rid of those directives as soon as it’s in place next year, and thus significantly alter the law without having to wait for Congress.

Additionally, the Department of Justice is involved in several ongoing disputes involving the healthcare law and some of the payments it lays out for

11/11/16 12:01 AM

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