The Society of Professional Journalists, which advocates for more government access on behalf of the news media, is nervous about the incoming Trump administration, and warned late Wednesday that reporters could face a “dangerous reality” once Trump takes office.

“We want you to know the Society is prepared and ready to work with President-elect Donald J. Trump and his administration to ensure journalists continue to function free and without fear of prosecution — as intended by our Founding Fathers,” the statement said. “However, you may, understandably, be concerned about the future. We saw a campaign trail littered with attacks against ‘the media’ and journalists from both sides. President-elect Trump’s past comments and actions about and toward the press foreshadows a potentially dangerous reality.”

Throughout the 2016 election, attacks against the “unfair” news media were a staple of Trump’s combustible campaign. During his mega-rallies, the candidate often trained his sights on the reporters in tow and encouraged his supporters to distrust reports about his campaign.

But press advocacy groups and political journalists have frequently complained about the Obama administration, accusing it of excessive secrecy.

Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson said in 2014 that Obama’s White House was “the most secretive” administration she had ever encountered.

“Even though a lot has been said and threats have been made, the Society, as it has for more than a century, will continue to work tirelessly to improve and protect journalism no matter what obstacles and challenges may stand in the way,” continued the SPJ statement. “For the American people, we vow to keep fighting to protect their right to know what elected officials are doing.”

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