Ohio Gov. John Kasich encouraged anti-Donald Trump protesters on Thursday to consider the importance of uniting as a country in the wake of a bitterly-= contested election that left voters divided almost evenly between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“For those who are in the streets, I just want you to think about the fact that America works best when we are united,” Kasich told reporters outside the White House, where he was set to greet the Cleveland Cavaliers alongside President Barack Obama.

“We know there are a lot of people in this country that struggle, a lot of people in this country now who are hopeful that things will be fixed,” Kasich said. “Well, they won’t be fixed overnight, but what we can all do as Americans is join hands, join arms, say a few prayers for the success of the next president of the United States.”

Kasich criticized Trump throughout the presidential race, and refused to back the Manhattan billionaire even after he lost to Trump in the Republican primary. Trump won Kasich’s home state of Ohio by 8 points.

The Buckeye State governor struck a conciliatory tone on Thursday, saying he had offered “prayers for the success of Donald Trump” on his flight to Washington.

“I want to also compliment the president himself, President Obama, and also Secretary Clinton, who I think were, really, they were inspirational in the way which they embraced the outcome of the election,” Kasich added.

Obama met with Trump in the Oval Office Thursday to discuss the transition process. Michelle Obama also gave Melania Trump a tour of the private residence on Thursday morning.

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