Donald Trump’s intrepid 49-year-old campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, will go down in history as the first woman to ever manage a successful presidential campaign.

The veteran Republican pollster and mother of four became Trump’s campaign manager in late August, shortly after her predecessor, Paul Manafort, resigned from the post. Manafort had assumed the role of campaign manager following Trump’s firing of Corey Lewandowski, a New Hampshire native and GOP campaign operative who ran the operation through the primary.

From the moment she was placed at the helm of Trump’s campaign to the final 72 hours of the election, Conway seemed to possess an acute understanding of how to guide the blustery billionaire toward discipline and his eventual success.

Toward the end of the election, Conway told reporters that she never hesitated to air her frustrations when Trump would wander off message or land himself at the center of controversy after making some outlandish remark.

For example, she recalled telling Trump, “You and I are in a fight for the next 17 days,” following his speech in Gettysburg, Pa. last month when he vowed to sue every woman who accused him of sexual assault “after the election is over.” Conway told CNN the comment made Trump sound defeated and as though he expected to lose to Hillary Clinton.

“He was like, ‘OK, honey. Then we’ll win,'” she said.

Immediately after she took over the campaign, and again in the waning days of the election, Conway was credited with ensuring Trump remained exceptionally disciplined. She tethered him to a teleprompter, placed restrictions on his Twitter privileges and worked diligently to boost his appeal among women and minorities, while strengthening his existing appeal among blue collar workers and the white working class.

Conway also spent months defending her ideas and strategy against the contrasting suggestions by other senior staffers, namely Manafort (before his departure) and Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon. She prevailed more often than not.

Each time Trump faced intense media scrutiny for the various controversies he stirred, Conway would pop up on the major networks to defend the candidate against all odds. She downplayed his promise to jail Clinton if elected, stood by his decision to invite Bill Clinton’s accusers to the second presidential debate and spent the final weeks of the election talking up Trump’s chances of winning states where he trailed his Democratic opponent by double digits.

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Conway has kept quiet about her post-election plans, offering no indication about whether she plans to serve in Trump’s administration or what kind of role she would play if she does.

“12 hours after watching returns and a win unfold at Trump Tower, our team is taking in Hillary’s concession speech,” she tweeted Wednesday morning, adding the fitting hashtag, “#WeMadeHistory.”

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