How did Donald Trump win the presidency despite so far receiving fewer raw votes than John McCain in 2008? Trump is also running 1.4 million votes behind Mitt Romney.

Answer: Hillary Clinton is running over 6.1 million votes behind Barack Obama.

A big question heading into this election is whether Clinton would be able to hold together the Obama coalition, which relied on heavy turnout and strong support from younger voters, African Americans and Hispanics. She might not be able to replicate their enthusiasm for Obama, the reasoning went, but she might able to replace it with fear of Trump.

This plainly did not work. Eighty-eight percent of blacks voted for Clinton compared to 93 percent for Obama. Trump received 8 percent of the black vote, up slightly from Romney’s 7 percent.

More surprisingly, Trump appears to have slightly improved upon Romney’s showing among Hispanics. The exit polls show the 2016 Republican nominee winning 29 percent of the Latino vote, compared to Romney’s 27 percent.

There is some dispute about these numbers, as there was debate about whether George W. Bush really won 44 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004. Some analysts do not believe the county-level data supports the exit polls’ conclusions. Either way, Trump was not hurt by a predicted massive Hispanic backlash, He came up short in Colorado and Virginia, but won Florida.

Only 65 percent of Hispanics voted for Clinton, down from 71 percent for Obama. Trump didn’t gain any support among millennials relative to Romney but Clinton lost support compared to Obama. Among voters aged 18 to 29, for example, Clinton took 54 percent while Obama drew 60 percent.

Meanwhile, Trump actually improved upon George W. Bush’s showing among white .evangelical Christians. He turned in a big rural vote. Trump also won whites without a college degree by nearly 40 points, carrying 72 percent of non-college white men.

The theory that the Rust Belt offered Trump a path to 270 in the Electoral College because it didn’t require winning over as many minorities and millennials proved sound. And Clinton proved to be a woefully underperforming candidate.

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