NEW YORK CITY — Hillary Clinton has lost her bid for the White House.

The former secretary of state did not speak to her supporters Tuesday night and campaign chairman John Podesta said they would have more to say in the morning. But Clinton did call Trump to concede the election, according to reports by NBC and CNN.

The mood at the Javits Center in New York City, where Clinton and her election team camped out Tuesday evening, was grim. Hundreds of Clinton supporters packed into the arena earlier that night for an all-evening rally, and to watch as the election results as they came back in real time. Clinton didn’t win, however, and the festive, celebratory mood in the glass-ceiling’d arena turned quickly from joy to despair.

In media, the Democratic nominee’s stone-faced surrogates appeared stunned as they repeated in their own words that Donald Trump had won the presidency.

Clinton, who sold herself as a candidate who would both maintain the policies of the Obama administration while also bringing change to the nation’s capital, spent months trying to convince voters that she offered a fresh and inclusive vision for the country.

The failed Democratic presidential candidate also spent months trying to get out from under the shadow of the scandals involving her family’s foundation and her use of a private and unauthorized email server when she worked at the State Department.

In a fight that many in politics and media claimed was unlike anything they had ever seen, Trump was quick to exploit voter distrust for Clinton by branding her “Crooked Hillary.” The billionaire businessman and his army of surrogates loudly and repeatedly applied this moniker, and it appears to have had an impact.

The GOP nominee’s constant claim that Clinton is a “crooked” elitist contributed to her overall struggle to maintain trust with voters, which was a problem that existed even before the public learned of the lengths to which she and her team went to maintain private emails servers when she worked at the State Department.

As a result of Trump’s frequent attacks on Clinton’s trustworthiness, coupled with separate questions raised by the FBI’s investigation of her homebrew server, the Democratic nominee’s favorability numbers fell in the final days of the election, and all this while voter enthusiasm among Democrats slipped behind Republican enthusiasm for their nominee.

Trump triumphs

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Trump’s election is the culmination of Americans’ dissatisfaction with the established political order.

11/09/16 2:35 AM

On Tuesday, despite her robust get out the vote operation, a unified Democratic Party, a massive cash advantage, a resume traditionally expected of presidential candidates and her attempts to sell herself as an inclusive and “big-hearted” candidate, Clinton’s campaign fell short of the mark, and she lost to a billionaire businessman from Queens, N.Y., and his promise to “make America great again.”


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Trump’s election is the culmination of Americans’ dissatisfaction with the established political order.

11/09/16 2:35 AM

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