“Guess the party affiliation” has become a game over the years over at the Media Research Center, a right-leaning think tank that exposes liberal bias in the media.

The MRC has been documenting instances where a politician faces a scandal, but his or her party affiliation isn’t mentioned or is buried — if he or she is a Democrat. When the scandal involves a Republican, however, the party affiliation is the main driver of the story and is repeated ad nauseam.

I’ve found the latest example of this bias. In a horrible story about a former Ohio mayor indicted for allegedly raping a 4-year-old girl, the Washington Post waited until paragraph 12 to mention the mayor is a Democrat.

We’ve seen this done in the past. When it was revealed that then-governor of New York Eliot Spitzer was using an escort service, multiple news outlets reported the stories, but omitted his party affiliation. The New York Times even moved the party affiliation after publishing, from the third paragraph down to the 15th paragraph.

The same occurred with Anthony Weiner. ABC News mentioned the scandal, but neglected to say Weiner was a Democrat. The list goes on.

Compare this to Republican sex scandals, and everything changes. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert has his party affiliation mentioned in the first sentence of this NPR report about him reporting to prison for paying hush money to cover up alleged sexual abuse.

When then-South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford admitted to an extramarital affair, his party affiliation was revealed in the third paragraph of this CNN article. The same went for David Vitter, Christopher Lee, Larry Craig and numerous other Republicans.

One could argue the former Ohio mayor’s party affiliation doesn’t matter because he is no longer in office. Neither was Hastert. Granted, Hastert was a former House Speaker, so he was a little more important. That still doesn’t excuse the mainstream media from removing the party affiliation of sitting politicians in high places of power.

Also, if it was important enough to mention he was a former mayor, then it was important enough to mention his party affiliation. At the very least, avoid mentioning anyone’s party affiliation until deep into an article. Just treat all parties equally.

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