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In 2016, race is a false flag.  Race is a dog-whistle used by Democrats running for office and who need Black voters to turn out and vote Democrat again.  Race is not even about economics so much anymore.  Barack Obama had eight years to create a better economy not just for Blacks but for everyone but he and the Democrats didn’t want to. 
They wanted to force Obamacare on everyone and it doesn’t work.  They wanted to push gay marriage, ban flags and monuments anhonest journalismd continue to dumb down our populace in public schools teaching a Common Core curriculum.  A curriculum that lies about our history, promotes other nations and complains about how awful ours is. 
Obama and Democrats have opened the prisons and released thousands of felons.  Obama and Democrats have refused to secure our borders and let illegals pour in from all over the world.  Obama and Democrats have released terrorists from Guantanamo who have gone back and joined the fight with ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorists organizations. 
Obama and Democrats have used police shootings (most of them justified) to have the full force of the US Justice Department come down on some small police department and force them to comply with federal laws instead of state and local laws.  Obama said from the beginning that he wanted a national police force.  This is how he set about nationalizing community police departments…by turning a tragedy into an excuse for a government takeover. 
And it’s not just Democrats.  It’s weak and feckless Republicans as well.  When Harry Reid was Senate majority leader, he implemented the ‘nuclear option’ that prevented Republicans from filibustering a bad law.  Republican, Mitch McConnell has been the Senate Majority leader now since 2014.  He could have used the nuclear option to repeal some of these bad laws.  He didn’t. 
Republicans have grown used to hiding in the shadows and doing their dirt in the dark without scrutiny from their working constituents back home.  Until 2008, most of this Conservative constituency voted and then went on with their lives.  When CNN or another liberal media outlet said something bad about a Republican, we being the decent people we are would fire them. 
Over the years, they learned to keep their mouths shut, the money flowing and the good times rolling…for themselves.  Even after 2008 when we woke up and started screaming, they ignored us.  Like a dumbed-down liberal population voted for Barack Obama, a dumbed-down republican populace has made Donald Trump our nominee because they believe him even though a simple Google search will tell anyone who looks all they need to know about Trump. 
There are no simple solutions to what will ‘fix’ our nation other than for people to swim against a powerful tide and become determined to dig in and make themselves smarter and more committed to change.  Real change isn’t going to come from one person at the top.  Real change will only happen when we’re smart enough and committed enough to be smart enough to vote for the right people and then hold them accountable.  Honestly, I don’t see that happening any time soon.

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