I’m writing this for Black Americans but they’re not the only people it applies to.  It also applies to anyone that is still voting for Democrats.      You’re voting for them out of habit or heritage.  You probably grew up being a Democrat (heritage) and it’s become a habit, not something that you consciously do. 

The first part of my life, I was a Democrat.  My grandparents were Democrats and I don’t know if my great grandparents were even allowed to vote at the time.  My first vote at the age of 18 was for a Democrat…Jimmy Carter.  Then I grew up. 
I didn’t all of a sudden think I was ‘better than everyone else’ in my family.  I just learned more about the truth.  Some of the truth was thrust on me while attending business school.  No, I didn’t have a professor try to talk me out of being a Democrat…but the numbers I learned in school weren’t adding up to Jimmy Carter’s claims of what he would be able to do. 
Numbers don’t lie and they leave no room for emotions about what my grandparents used to do.  When it comes to the economy…tax and spend doesn’t work.  It doesn’t drive the economy.  It does the opposite.  It shrinks it.  Increasing regulations on business doesn’t improve the economy, it kills the incentive of business owners to expand and hire.  The numbers don’t lie…Democrats do. 
There are a million and one other things I’ve learned about Democrats over the last 36 years and none of it is good.  Don’t take my word for it, look at your life.  Look at your community, look at your state government and then look at the world at large when Democrats are in power.  Nothing ever works as it should and you’re never better off like they promise you will be. Your grandparents and parents were no longer responsible for your life when you became an adult.

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