Matthew Davis, who played Reese Witherspoon’s snotty ex-boyfriend in “Legally Blonde,” would have chosen his on-screen fiancee Selma Blair in real life.

The actor revealed that he had a huge crush on Blair, but unfortunately she was already involved in a relationship.

“I absolutely loved and adored Selma,” Davis told news.com.au. “I developed a crush on her at the time but she was with someone else — I think she was dating the guy from Rushmore [actor Jason Schwartzman] but he was coming around and I was kind of like ‘Who is this guy?!’”

It was Blair’s wicked sense of humor that captivated Davis at the time.

He shared, “She was the funniest person on set. I love a very dry, dark sense of humor, so she had me in stitches the whole time … She was the bees’ knees.”

Davis was briefly married to actress Leelee Sobieski from 2008-2009. He is currently engaged to Brittany Sharp.

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