The ninth hole at Washington State’s Beacon Rock Golf Course offered one of the most dramatic vistas in golf this week: a “crazy” wildfire spewing ash the size of soccer balls.

A trio of golfers were photographed finishing up a round Monday in front of the massive Eagle Creek blaze that is churning through forests along the Oregon border. The image has since gone viral.

“When we first started there was a fire maybe the size of a grocery store,” Brandon Crawford of Washougal told The Oregonian. “By the end of hole two, it was just crazy. The big one you’re seeing on the Internet was on hole nine.”

One of the co-owners of the North Bonneville course told the newspaper that a crowd of around 100 gathered to play golf and watch the flames spread on the other side of the Columbia River, which runs along the state’s borders and is a mile away from the course.

Crawford said ash the size of soccer balls was falling around his group as they made their way through the course. As of Wednesday, the fire has burned an estimated 30,929 acres, according to The Oregonian.

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