A lawsuit filed Thursday in New York alleges that American Airlines failed to make an emergency stop after a beverage cart struck a passenger’s head during takeoff, leaving the man with a severe brain injury.

Charles and Helga Johnson, from Stanfordville, are seeking $10 million in damages from the airline stemming from the incident, according to Reuters.

According to the complaint, a fully-stocked beverage cart struck Charles Johnson in the head after it flew down the aisle during the plane’s takeoff form Hartford, Conn., to Charlotte in April 2016.

Johnson said the impact ripped off his hat, gave him a large forehead gash, severe bleeding and a loss of consciousness. The complaint said the plane did not make an emergency landing and continued on its two-hour trek to Charlotte.

He now suffers from “chronic traumatic brain injury and post-concussive syndrome,” headaches, mood swings and anxiety, the complaint said. He also has been unable to work because of the injuries.

Matt Miller, a spokesman for American Airlines, said the company was reviewing the complaint.

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