Courtney Stodden is seeking help after the reality star admitted she’s been coping with her depression by taking anti-anxiety medication with alcohol.

“I suffer from depression and also I suffer from immense anxiety and I don’t know if I’m coping in the most healthy way. I am partying a little too hard probably,” she revealed on “The Doctors.”

In addition to her partying, Stodden she indulges in medical marijuana and takes anti-anxiety medication “otherwise I literally feel like I’ll jump out the window.”

“If I continue down this path, I’m going to end up [in a bad place,” she admitted.

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The 22-year-old star explained she hit a rough patch after suffering a miscarriage last year and is now dealing with her ongoing divorce from her much older husband, Doug Hutchison.

The separated pair married when she was just 16-years-old and he was 51.

“My coping mechanism, I feel could literally lead to a disastrous, vicious situation,” she said on the show.

She concluded, “I’ll take all the therapy I can get.”

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