On his way out the White House, President Barack Obama issued scores of regulations on a wide range of controversial policy areas such as, education, the environment and abortion.

Republicans are trying to roll back many of these midnight executive orders. Next week they plan to repeal an order forcing states to subsidize Planned Parenthood. This order seeks to force the the obligation even on the 15 states that have passed laws explicitly barring taxpayer funds from going to groups that perform abortions.

Republicans will rescind the executive order through the Congressional Review Act, which allows Congress to overturn new rules without having to pass a new bill. Such actions cannot be filibustered, so a simple majority and a like-minded president are all Republican lawmakers need.

The agency that issued the regulation (in this case, the department of Health and Human Services) cannot re-issue a substantially similar rule unless Congress passes a new law allowing it to do so.

One would be hard-pressed to find a more worthy target than Planned Parenthood. A former manager there recently revealed that it sets ambitious quotas for the number of abortions and abortion referrals it wants each facility to perform, and that counselors are trained to encourage women to abort by discussing the costs of raising a child. More abortions apparently meant pizza parties or paid time off for Planned Parenthood staff.

Previous scandals have involved Planned Parenthood affiliates failing to offer prenatal care as advertised, Medicaid fraud and the covering up of the rape of minors. In 2015, a series of undercover interviews found substantial evidence that affiliates broke laws by altering abortion procedures to preserve organs for sale to researchers.

Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar industry whose product is death. Its CEO makes more than half a million dollars a year. It’s the country’s largest abortion business, responsible for some 324,000 abortions in 2014.

But Planned Parenthood and the entire abortion movement is based on obfuscation. Consider the term “pro-choice,” a euphemism for a procedure that offers a choice to one person while withholding it from other parties involved, including the child in the womb.

Then there are taxpayers who liberals want to to offer no choice but to fund the this civilization-shaming industry. Polls have consistently found that two-thirds of the public oppose taxpayer funding of abortion. That includes millions of people who support abortion as a right and recognize that compelling people to pay for someone else’s decision to kill a gestating baby is the antithesis of choice.

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