What’s the best way to save a buck on advertising inside the beltway? Express self-righteous indignation and direct outrage at a member of the first family.

Since calling out Ivanka Trump for visiting her boujee gym boutique, Solidcore, Anne Mahlum has been heralded as a hero. More than anything though, she is an opportunist, eager to score free publicity by ginning up outrage.

Though the studio promises to help patrons “create the strongest version of yourself,” Ivanka found out that’s not exactly true. For hitting up her gym, the yoga instructor decided to publicly call out the president’s daughter on Facebook.

And while Mahlum has generated significant attention, any probing of her politics would be a misguided effort. She’s an apolitical opportunist. In the last eight years, the fitness trainer has deliberately sculpted a business model that bends with the capitol’s shifting politics.

Depending on who controls the White House, Mahlum goes high or low. After Michelle Obama rolled into Solidcore, the trainer churned out two business profiles touting her powerful clientele in both the Washington Business Journal and the Washington Post.

What was her selling point? Ironically, equality and understanding.

“There’s no preferred treatment,” Mahlum said in 2014. “That’s why people keep coming back. There’s this equalizer in the workout. This is a place where you come to work — a place where you’re honest with yourself and your capabilities.”

But Ivanka didn’t experience that acceptance.

Now that Republicans control the White House, Mahlum has switched up her routine to maximize her business’ gains and make her virtue signaling go viral. Considering that makeup of the surrounding electorate, that’s a savvy business model. As Byron York observes, the three precincts surrounding Solidcore’s D.C., studios voted 5,933 to 491 for Hillary Clinton.

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Of course, as a private vendor and entrepreneur, Mahlum’s free to do with her business as she pleases. If she only wants to help liberals lose pounds, so be it. But the fitness instructor isn’t a hero. She’s just an opportunist playing politics for financial gain.

Philip Wegmann is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

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