Last Sept. 11, a mosque on Florida's Treasure Coast was set on fire. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Not all hate crimes are fake.

Last Sept. 11, a mosque on Florida’s Treasure Coast was set on fire. A man was seen fleeing on video surveillance. A few days later, Joseph Schreiber came forward and admitted he’d done it. He pleaded no contest, and today was handed a 30-year prison sentence for what can only be called a terrorist act against a group of people based on their religion.

You may wonder why the judge threw the book at this guy. After all, no one was actually hurt. But with structure fires, there’s always a risk that someone might be hurt.

It’s enough just to say he needs to be made an example of. But you should also have a look at what he had to say at sentencing. This was his “apology”:

“To all the Muslim communities on the face of the Earth, make peace with America and make peace with Israel. Stop the attacks. And stop the killing.
The violence here in the United States and in Israel must stop. And as a result of the 9/11 attack in New York, your honor, from the asbestos and burning ashes from the aftermath of the horrific attack, my mother is dying from stage 4 cancer with a year or less to live. And I will never see my mother alive again.
And I am terribly sorry to the imam, for what I have caused and I am terribly sorry for the loss of the Muslim community’s mosque in Fort Pierce on Midway Road.”

Note that 90 percent of Schreiber’s apology is in fact dedicated to blaming and lecturing the people whose building he burned down. He’s lucky he only got 30 years.

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