It sounded an awful lot like MSNBC reporter Katy Tur just suggested Trump might move to have journalists assassinated. (Photo: Twitter @KatyTurNBC)

MSNBC’s Katy Tur became a media darling during the 2016 election after weathering repeated, personal criticism from then-GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The Queens businessman regularly singled her out by name at campaign rallies, winning her scorn from his supporters and praise from her colleagues. Tur has since leveraged her newfound fame into hosting a temporary afternoon program about the Trump administration’s first 100 days.

On her show Monday, she appeared to suggest that the president might move to have American journalists assassinated.

Tur’s remarks, which came during an interview with Sen. Deb Fischer, D-Neb., focused on Trump’s continued unwillingness to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has definitely killed and imprisoned critical journalists.

“Why — what is your sense of why this president is going above and beyond — bending over backwards, if you will — to stay away from criticizing the Russian president and to almost give him an excuse?” Tur asked.

“As we know, there’s, since 2000, been a couple dozen suspicious deaths of journalists in Russia who came out against the government there. Donald Trump has made no secret about going after journalists and his distaste for any news that doesn’t agree with him here. Do you find that this is a dangerous path he is heading down?” she added.

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