The unhinged post-election behavior of America’s progressives and their media enablers proceeds unabated. Seems the angry reactions of so many cable news pundits during the evening hours of November 8, 2016 have metastasized into daily (if not hourly) attacks on everything Donald J. Trump.

A number of explanations are self-evident. First, the surprising loss of the woman who was pre-ordained to break the proverbial glass ceiling at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Little did the Democratic left anticipate that nearly half of America’s female voters would prefer the alleged rogue billionaire with the supermodel (third) wife. Second, both party establishments have been shocked by the animus directed to their respective throats by the self-proclaimed leader of a populist “movement.” Mr. Trump’s inaugural address only added fuel to this antagonistic attitude toward Washington’s powers that be. An enthusiasm for confrontation and very public willingness to indulge petty grievances adds to the list of Trump offenses.

Okay, you say, all this is easy to understand. But there must be some other factor – some compelling explanation for the historic inaugural boycotts and unrelenting personal attacks. And you are correct.

Left under-analyzed by the breathless reports of angry millennials and large protest marches is a sense of displacement – not a word you see every day, but nevertheless the appropriate adjective to explain such unrelenting angst.

Websters defines “displace” as “to move from its usual place.” The usual place herein is the recently concluded Obama era, a wonderfully progressive time wherein an unapologetically progressive president did all kinds of progressive things to change our cultural and economic values – to “transform” us into the western European style welfare state Mr. Obama and his acolytes envisioned eight years ago.

And so America moved in the desired direction – which was scheduled to be followed by eight additional years of the same from the newly minted progressive Hillary Clinton. Sixteen years of this “usual place” would have indeed changed America forever.

But a bolt of lightning out of nowhere in the form of Donald J. Trump ended the experiment in the blink of an eye. Suddenly, the progressives’ new age agenda was out – replaced by something very different. To wit:

The Obama administration’s decision to protest “dreamer” parents through (what the Supreme Court ultimately decided was an unconstitutional) executive order was one step, as was the rapid expansion of the illegal immigrant safe havens better known as sanctuary cities. All this was in turn supposed to lead to the ultimate relaxation of our immigration system itself – the so-called “open borders” resolution. Alas, Mr. Trump’s proposed wall, strengthened vetting procedures, and opposition to sanctuary jurisdictions have stopped this utopian vision cold.

Recall Obama’s final fastball at Bibi Netanyahu’s head in the form of a U.N. step aside so that the world’s Israel haters could have at it one more time over the issue of West Bank housing developments. Of course, progressives applauded the unprecedented move. But even the best laid plans can go awry. Trump’s unabashed pro-Israel views will end talk of a (forced) two or three state solution. Further, America will once again step forward as Israel’s most reliable ally in a world body full of anti-Semitic Jewish state haters. Note that our Sunni allies are no doubt pleased with this dramatic change of direction. Their quiet accommodation with Israel against ISIS and Shiite Iran will be strengthened under Trump’s reign.

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Contrary to what Mr. Obama famously promised the naïve brass at the University of Notre Dame, his administration nevertheless targeted the Catholic hospital-friendly Conscience Clause (during the Obamacare debate) in order to prove its progressive mettle. In fact, Obama’s lawyers went all the way to the Supreme Court to argue that religious freedoms do not follow individuals performing secular activities in the marketplace (the “Hobby Lobby” case) – as though American citizens lose their freedom to follow their religious convictions when performing secular activities (such as filling out insurance policies that include abortion coverage) outside of a religious venue.

The Supreme Court rejected such a proposition, but Hillary Clinton campaigned hard on this “women’s issue” – her court would have assuredly flipped the vote here. A Hillary-sponsored court would also have been on a clear path to another campaign promise – abortion on demand. But all of this was not to be. Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, President Trump’s nomination to replace the late Antonin Scalia, will sustain a five-vote conservative majority for years to come.

Teachers’ unions viewed the Clinton candidacy as an opportunity to slow the momentum of the school choice movement. After all, hard line defenders of the indefensible never miss an opportunity to take educational options away from poor parents. But Mr. Trump and his choice of education secretary, Betsy DeVos, have far different views. Big time choice is their mantra. Private vouchers are back on the table. It’s now “all of the above when it comes to failing public schools – which means four (or eight) years of heartburn for the Trump-hating education establishment.

The new president is serious about change, progressive anguish notwithstanding. His inaugural address included the following promise: “We are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.” It would be difficult to imagine a more pleasing comment for conservatives; it would be equally difficult to imagine a more disquieting message for the left.

Displacement, indeed.

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Gov. Robert Ehrlich is a Washington Examiner columnist, partner at King & Spalding and author of three books, including the recently released Turning Point. He was governor of Maryland from 2003 – 2007.

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