Dear reader: I was wrong.

I wrote earlier today that an article published by the Washington Post was likely the “worst media analysis of the Chicago kidnapping.”

Unfortunately, I was badly mistaken.

The following article by the New York Daily News’ senior justice writer Shaun King is actually the worst take on the Chicago incident:

For those who don’t feel like reading King’s entire article, here’s the short of it: King said he will not speak out on behalf of the white disabled man who was allegedly kidnapped and tortured by four African-Americans, because those four suspects will undoubtedly feel the full force and weight of the law. The American justice system, he explained, is impressively swift and efficient when it comes to cracking down on crimes allegedly committed by blacks.

“I am glad the people who assaulted this young man were swiftly arrested. That’s how justice should work for all of us. But you and I both know that swift justice in this country primarily happens when black folk commit crimes,” he wrote.

“This young man doesn’t need hashtags blaming me or a movement, he needs compassion and counseling. He also doesn’t need me advocating for justice. It will soon drop like Thor’s hammer without my help,” he added.

In short, King wrote, he speaks out only for those who don’t receive justice, like unarmed black men who have been shot by police officers.

House rebukes Obama, UN over Israel vote

Also from the Washington Examiner

House lawmakers on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to condemn the United Nations Security Council resolution targeting Israeli settlement construction, in a pointed rebuke of President Obama and the international community.

“Do not be fooled,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a rare floor speech. “This UN Security Council resolution was not about settlements, and it certainly was not about peace. It was about one thing and one thing only: Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish, democratic state.”

The resolution passed two days after leaders of both parties in the Senate signed onto a similar resolution condemning the UN vote and warning Obama not to take any further action against Israel to unfold at the Middle East Peace

01/05/17 7:10 PM

Criminal justice reform is indeed an important issue, and there are a great many injustices that must be corrected. But let’s not play a game of oneupmanship with human suffering. To look at what happened in Chicago and say, “But what about these other things?” is the wrong response. When it comes to justice, we can address the suffering of the man in Chicago and the unarmed black man who was shot by the police. It doesn’t have to be an either/or.

King claims he has only so much time to advocate for those who’ve suffered injustices. Fine. If time constraints are preventing him from speaking out on both issues, then I suggest he free up some space in his busy schedule by writing fewer articles explaining that he doesn’t have enough time.

GOP to Democrats: Assault on Sessions will carry a price

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Could poison the well for any chance of cross-party cooperation this year.

01/05/17 2:23 PM

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