There’s no two ways about it. If by now, if you don’t know that CNN, ABC, CBS and other cable networks are one-sided against Republicans, you’re either a hardcore liberal or you’re stupid. If by now you don’t see that the Democrat party is a party filled with radical leftists, radical anarchists, radical Muslims, radical Mexicans, Communists, radical Black Liberation nationalists and other groups and people with Anti-American sentiments, you’re either stupid or you are in one of those groups.

If by chance you are not one of them, do you like what the Democrat party is doing to you, your family and our country? Do you side wred-nationith those who protest, riot and shoot cops? Do you side with the one-sided media who spend all day, every day knocking Republicans who’ve done nothing wrong despite everything the Obama administration has thrown at us over the last eight years? We didn’t protest, riot or burn buildings down.

We don’t go around bullying people and governments to take down flags and other historical artifacts. What we do though is vote and speak out as I’m doing here. Little by little, we have fought back against this war on the United States of America. Little by little over these last eight years, we have fought, first taking back the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 but not before Democrats were able to destroy our healthcare…but not just our healthcare, your healthcare too.

Not one single Republican voted for Obamacare when it passed in 2009. Republicans decimated Democrats in 2014. This time, we won back the Senate. Democrats no longer controlled anything accept the presidency at that point. That’s when Barack Obama started governing by executive fiat. He said he has a pen and a phone and he used them to sign one illegal executive order after another. He’s let over 1,000 felons out of prison without Congress.

He gave Iran $1.7 billion dollars and yet, they continue to march towards building nuclear weapons that they’ve vowed to use against us. He’s basically emptied Guantanamo Bay of all terrorists. They are now free to rejoin terrorists organizations…free to kill more Americans on the battlefield and right here at home. President Obama sowed the seeds of discord one year after the next for eight years.

Instead of speaking out against radical Islamic extremists, he couldn’t bring himself to say those words, probably out of fear that he would be speaking out against part of their own voter base. Neither could he bring himself to speak out against radical anarchists, Mexicans and Black Nationalists…again a big part of the Democrat voter base. Yet and still, we did not riot. We communicated on social media, one with another.

Over the years, we continued diligently to try to wake up our non Republican family and friends as to what was happening that they were not being informed about since most of the media are Democrats. No, we didn’t riot, lash out or burn down buildings over the last eight years as much as many wanted to. We remained cool and patient. We prayed and turned it over to God, but faith without work is dead and work we did.

This year, (2016), we were able to keep both houses of Congress and win the presidency but we will not simply go back to our jobs and eventually back to sleep and let what has become the radical left destroy our nation or even attempt to do so ever again. So I’ll conclude with this, you are either part of the solution going forward, or you’re a part of the problem.

You are stupid or you’re a member of the radical left. You are either stupidly going about life with no awareness of what’s going on or why you do what you do…or you’re a radical or radical by default. You can no longer have it both ways. You are either a proud American…or you’re not. Which is it?

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