cnn-bullshitCNN, no one is buying your, “Everyone is racist.” bullshit anymore. Not even that many Democrats. Here are some suggestions to help you not destroy the Democrat party anymore than you already have.

1). Shut up and cover the news.
2). Don’t send out Fake News anymore.
3). Stop calling everyone names like racist.
4). Stop dividing everyone into groups and subgroups.
5). Stop coddling minorities just to get their votes.

I’m sure you realize the dangers you’re causing to our country, but you apparently don’t care. You don’t care about the cops being shot.

You don’t care about the families of the victims of terrorism or the victims themselves, whose lives were needlessly cut short over the lies you and top level Democrats spread constantly around the world.

CNN and other liberal media outlets, be warned. We the people, know exactly who you are. You can stop now. You’re wasting valuable airtime that can be used to help instead of harm.

If Facebook, Twitter, etc continues to try to help in your dangerous liberal agenda and blocks us…we will build our own sites and reestablish somewhere else. We are not going away and we are not ever going back to sleep. Deal with it.

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