Donald Trump isn’t the first politician to cut a deal with Carrier Corporation. Long before agreeing this week to keep its plant in Indiana thanks to a $7 million tax break, the HVAC titan profited from boatloads of government cash.

When Carrier announced in February they were moving jobs from Huntington, Indiana, to Nuevo Leon, Mexico, the company was walking out with millions of taxpayer dollars at the federal, state, and municipal level. And those deals could get even better.

President Obama’s Department of Energy announced in 2013 that Carrier would receive a $5.1 million tax credit to expand production in Indianapolis. Part of the administration’s green energy initiative, the cash was earmarked to subsidize Carrier’s eco-friendly furnace line.

When packing for Mexico, the company said they wouldn’t claim the cash. Now that they’re staying north of the border, the money is presumably back on the table—on top of the $7 million tax break Gov. Pence just gave them.

Throughout his tenure, Pence aggressively courted the company to the tune of half a million dollars in education and training grants: at Pence’s direction in 2013, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation awarded Carrier $200,000 in training grants. Two years later, the IEDC offered Carrier’s parent company, United Technologies, $300,000 in educational grants.

While the first grant has already been spent, Pence “de-obligated” the second when news broke of Carrier’s departure. Shortly afterward, company announced that they’d repay $382,000. But now that they’re staying stateside, they should be able to keep the cash.

The city of Indianapolis also did their best to make things easy for Carrier. In 2011, the company received a $1.2 million tax abatement. That money has been repaid, the Indianapolis Star reported in April. It’s not clear how the city and corporation will settle up in the future.

Trump flies to Indiana Thursday to officially unveil his new deal, and not all the details are known yet. But this is clear: the air conditioning bill is getting even higher for Hoosiers.

Philip Wegmann is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

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