What’s the only thing faster than a speeding bullet? The willingness of journalists to jump the gun and begin to assign blame.

Relying on early and inaccurate information, national outlets reported this morning that a shooter was loose on campus at Ohio State. In reality, 18-year old Abdul Razak Ali Artan attacked and injured 11 students with a butcher knife and his Honda Civic, not a gun.

But rather than wait for the facts before rushing to judgement, the media quickly typed up a villain: firearms owners and organizations like the NRA who oppose increased regulation.

Even before first responders had sounded the all clear, Vox labeled the ambush “the Ohio State shooting.” Yahoo News took the next step, reporting that the attack “spurs a look at Ohio gun laws.” And pundits across Twitter blamed American gun culture for a mass shooting that had never happened.

When Ohio Gov. John Kasich tweeted that “our hearts and prayers go out to the Ohio State University,” a snarky Cosmo editor Amy Odell took a potshot at the Republican. “Well, now’s a good time to review your stance on gun control,” she replied.

Turns out one person had a firearm on campus Monday. It wasn’t the attacker. It was Office Alan Horujko, who shot Artan and ended his rampage. Ultimately, the good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy armed with a butcher knife. In the process, he saved countless students from harm. But that wasn’t enough to slow anti-gun hysteria.

“Thank God he didn’t have a gun,” remarked Dan Gross, the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Before that the New York Times’ Adam Feldman gave thanks that eight still-recovering students had only been hacked with a butcher’s cleaver.

“What’s happened at Ohio State is terrible,” Feldman tweeted, “But ‘mass stabber leaves 8 people with non-life-threatening injuries’ is why gun control matters.”

The actual crime data, which prove false any relationship between gun ownership and gun crime, don’t made the nightly news as often. Only when a story bleeds — and fits an anti-gun narrative — it leads. That’s a problem because it deliberately misleads the electorate and elected officials.

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Reading early and inaccurate reports, two Democrat senators doubled down on their calls for more gun control. Former vice presidential candidate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine tweeted that he was “deeply saddened by this senseless act of gun violence. And his Connecticut colleague Chris Murphy complained that after the Ohio State shooting there had been one attack per week.

Once it was clear Artan didn’t have a gun, Murphy promptly deleted his tweet. An aide told the Washington Examiner that the senator “wants his account to remain a source of accurate information for his followers.” And for his part, Kaine followed up on Twitter that there was no gun.

While both Democrats have supported gun control, it’s hard to fault them for their knee jerk responses. Far away from the facts, they relied on the press. It’s to their credit that they retracted their original statements and the media’s detriment for leading them astray.

Of course mistakes happen in journalism. The industry has an entire orthodoxy and doctrine on corrections and retractions. But after Mondays attack it’s clear that many in the press were more interested in advancing a narrative rather than reporting what happened.

Why else would Vox have an entire section about mass shootings locked and loaded on their front page hours after the attack? Because the let their bias overshadow the facts. But this time they got burned.

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Philip Wegmann is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.

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