Fidel Castro tortured and killed his own people in Cuba. He gave safe harbor to criminals fleeing prosecution here in the U.S.. The liberal left is lionizing him and saying he was a ‘revolutionary’. They say George W. Bush is a war criminal for going into Iraq. The liberal left, Progressives and Democrats are all one and the same.

Many voters who vote Democrat don’t necessarily know that all of these umbrella names represent one thing…Communism. That’s why liberals or whoever they’re going by knew they’d have to lie about Obamacare, lie about how Dodd-Frank would take over and strangle the financial industry and use every government department and agency to march in unison towards destroying the United States as we know it.

This is why Democrats or whoever they call themselves today praised Castro but hate George W. Bush. It’s why they hate Trump, Republicans, Ted Cruz, you, me and anyone who loves our country and for what it stands. Their most recent lies to discredit our win on November 8th is to say, “Russia hacked the DNC and Hillary. They may have hacked the election.”

No…Russia didn’t hack our elections. Obama and Hillary gave Russia everything they wanted and Russia just took the rest. Why on earth would Putin not want Hillary as president? Obama basically let Russia invade Ukraine and then take Crimea. He told Poland that we would not support their missile defense system that would protect them from Russia.

Putin didn’t give a damned about Obama and Hillary’s ‘Red Line’ either. No…Russia didn’t hack anything. They didn’t need to. Now Jill Stein, in lieu of Hillary Clinton wants a recount. They hate us. They hate that all the work they’ve done to destroy the U.S. they had dreamed of for over 50 years is going to be wiped out in a matter of months when Trump is sworn in on January 20th, 2017.

Most people can’t imagine that a U.S. political party would actually hate the U.S.A. and actually hate Christianity and our God, but how else can you explain what they’ve done these last eight years? If you’re reading this and you’re skeptical, I invite you to think back to what you’ve seen and heard from the Obama administration over these last eight years and then ask yourself, “With leaders like these…who the hell needs enemies??”

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