At what point will liberals say, “Guys, voters are on to us. Maybe we should stop rioting and lying until we change the name of our party, lay low for awhile and then come back and try to destroy the country eight years from now. What we’re.doing is getting us nowhere.”
A comment like that would make more sense to me. At least they would stop losing Democrat voters who who feel lied to. Maybe some won’t mind if they tell them what the plan is. Maybe they won’t mind having radical leadership who lies to everyone else to advance a radical liberal agenda.. But currently, non-radical Democrat voters who don’t know the plan are disgusted at their behavior.
What average, non-political US citizen wants to see riots over their candidate not winning an election?
What average, non-political US citizen wants to see their president not speak out and quell those riots coming from Black Lives Matter or those resulting from Trump winning the election?
What average, non-political US citizen really wants illegal aliens have more rights in our country than we do?
What average, non-political US citizen is happy about or not uncomfortable with Hillary Clinton’s emails, the Clinton Foundation or having a sense that something within the Democrat party just doesn’t smell right?
What average, non-political US citizen is happy about our economy, safety at home or current standing in the world?
My guess to all these questions is, not many.
So when the average, non-political US citizen hears what their party leaders are complaining about instead of working to fix problems within their party, they will continue to not vote or start voting Republican.
Democrat voters who are just average, hard working Americans and who aren’t radical in any way, would probably want their party leaders to be honest with at least them about their legitimate concerns.
Instead, they’re hearing about what Trump may or may not do. Things that sound trivial when compared to what their own party is doing. I think it’s probably a really good idea for those liberal leaders and their puppets in the media to for now, lay low, take a break and change their party’s tainted name.
Because right now, no one except their most radical supporters is believing a word they say. That’s why Republicans won in such a huge way in 2016 and have devastated the Democrat party for generations. So go away, liberals…no one is believing you or cares about what you’re saying except your radical base.

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