The drug lobbyist Obama tapped to help implement Obamacare as the top lawyer at HHS has passed back through the revolving door to his old firm, where he’ll represent industry and consumers before his old employer.

William Schultz, general counsel at HHS is rejoining Zuckerman Spaeder, the downtown D.C. law firm where Schultz was a lobbyist up until the start of the Obama administration.

Schultz served as a deputy commissioner at the Food and Drug Administration under Bill Clinton and then cashed out, becoming a lobbyist at Zuckerman. As I wrote in 2012:

Over eight years, Schultz lobbied on behalf of seven different drug companies, plus the American Hospital Association, according to lobbying disclosure filings. The firm brought in $2.98 million from Schultz’s lobbying, according to the filings. Nearly half of that money — $1.46 million — came from Schultz’s biggest client, Barr Laboratories, maker of the morning-after contraception pill known as Plan B. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in 2011 issued a rule requiring nearly all employer-based health plans to cover 100 percent of the cost of Plan B along with other contraceptives.

Under Schultz, HHS defended the mandate in cases such as Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor.

Today, Zuckerman announced that Schultz is returning to the firm. Here’s how the firm explained his value to the firm’s current and future clients:

Mr. Schultz’s practice at Zuckerman Spaeder will focus on two key areas: representing healthcare payers, providers and consumers with complex regulatory issues before HHS and in court; and, representing generic drug companies, nonprofit organizations and other clients with matters before the FDA and in court. Mr. Bostwick continued, “We have become a go-to firm for health care, and Bill will help lead this vibrant and growing practice. His judgment and experience will be of tremendous benefit to existing and new clients, including hospitals, healthcare providers, generic pharmaceutical companies, consumers and non-profits.”

So the hospitals and drugmakers navigating the increasingly complex intersection of government and healthcare will have a sherpa—who happens to be one of the men who helped make it complex.

This is how the revolving door grows government and enriches the insiders.

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