In the last eight years, I don’t remember any of the people on cable news joining in any of the hundreds of thousands of conversations we’ve had on Facebook and Twitter. I try to go back and read all my comments within a day or two and I can’t remember Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blizter chiming in on any of my posts or any others.
Have any of you had any news media celebrity, Hollywood star or anyone of note join any of your conversations? What about pollsters? Did Rassmussen jump on any of your threads and tell us what he was working on? He didn’t any of mine. Nope, no pollsters either. That’s why all of them were blindsided…bigly.
None of them participated with any thing we’re doing here. We’re beneath them they think…but it was us who for the last eight years examined everything politics and debated it. We debated, argued, liked and blocked…for eight years. During this last primary, we argued. We joined Groups and Liked pages.
We were followed or followed someone else. We researched and then researched some more. We would jump on a thread and just read along, comment with an opinion or provided a link or vid with new information for all to chew on and digest. Some of us gained a lot of friends and followers because of our posts. We formed alliances that were fluid but constant.
As the number of friends and followers a person had grew, there were thousands of others who were gaining followers too. Then people who had lots of friends and followers of a certain opinion, all followed each other. Our posts filtered through to the non-political who joined Facebook to chat with kids in college or grand-kids but eventually were tempted to read or comment on a thread…they were hooked.
In the process, they learned and all of a sudden, they became awake. Meanwhile, cable news was nowhere around other than to tempt us to comment on their page so our post or Tweet could be featured on ‘their show’. Big deal. The only other thing cable did for us was to give us access to people many of us didn’t have access to.
We shared their vids and articles and discussed the validity of everything about it. We learned about it from each other. Someone would come on the thread who had expertise in the area, and we’d learn…or not. But the discussions went on throughout the internet…on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc…wherever the wind took us.
That one eight year long discussion continued and like one giant cell, it morphed and grew into millions of cells, attaching, detaching and then reattaching somewhere else. So no, the media didn’t decide our fate as they’ve grown to do over so many years prior to the internet…we did. Our discussions, debates, arguments, likes and blocks decided this election and it all started eight years ago.
That’s why Obama and Democrats desperately tried to control our internet. They wanted to regulate our usage as is done in so many other nations. That’s why Obama wants to hand over our internet domains to a foreign body so they can regulate and heavily fine us when we say things here they don’t like. But we won.
Even if OUR candidate didn’t win, we won. Right or wrong, Trump supporters won the argument and at least it wasn’t Hillary. At least we’ll be able to take a breath and know our country is not lost and all the things we love, like the internet, won’t be shut down, nor will any of the rights we’ve come to enjoy and expect. Hillary would surely have done it. Not this time liberal media. You didn’t control us…we won because you were too arrogant to recognize that we were here.

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