It has become something of a tradition: a liberal candidate loses a presidential election and thousands of people lose their minds. They surge through the streets smashing and burning. It is thought necessary to offer grief counselling to school children, to help them not get over the grotesque and frightening behavior of the protestors but to face the horrible fact that their favored candidate was beaten. Several celebrities ponder emigrating to Canada, but sadly none seems ever to do so.

It happened in 2000, when George W. Bush beat Al Gore, and again in 2004 when he defeated John Kerry. Liberals from Manhattan to Maui were aghast, and the American Health Association released a list of symptoms for what it called “post-election selection trauma,” or PEST, which includes feelings of withdrawal, isolation, anger and bitterness.

But with Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, the histrionics have descended to a new level of self-indulgent absurdity.

Protestors, many of them violent, have taken to the streets each day to shout that Trump is “not [their] president!” Technically, this is true, for he will not be sworn in until Jan. 20, but the protesters aren’t making a point about scheduling. They’re churlishly and manifestly falsely declaring that he will never be their president. Ahem, yes he will.

In Oakland, rioters blocked traffic, assaulted police and set buildings on fire. Police were forced to use teargas to break up the violence. In Portland, protestors attacked drivers and vandalized stores and cars. Some held signs calling for revolution unless Trump resigns or is impeached. One protestor told a CNN reporter that “people have to die.” People might die, but they don’t have to. And if they do, the recalcitrant left will have sunk to a new low.

Who are these people? Muggers for tolerance? Arsonists for a fairer society? Brawlers for peace and love? Here’s a word of advice: “You lost. Get over it.”

Criticizing and demonstrating against politicians is within the bounds of good citizenship, protected by the First Amendment. But violently rejecting or questioning a new president’s legitimacy is not. Wasn’t the left outraged last month when Trump suggested hqe might not accept the result of the election. He may merely have been declining to abandon legal options to which Democrats, such as Gore, have resorted in the past. He was certainly not, as the protesters now are, rejecting the clear results of a democratic election.

When Trump repeatedly said the nomination process, Electoral College, and polling were rigged, he was rightly condemned for it. Now, those who excoriated him when they smugly assumed they were going to win, are spouting the same tendentious claptrap. Many people seek scapegoats to blame when they are disappointed. But civilized and decent people do not. The violent anti-Trump mobs are anti-democratically threatening the peaceful, constitutional, transfer of power.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, to their great credit, behaved properly, responding graciously to Trump’s victory even though they were, naturally, disappointed by the election’s outcome. In her concession speech, Clinton said the nation owed Trump “an open mind and the chance to lead,” and she pledged to help him be a successful president. Obama said something similar when he received Trump at the White House on Thursday, reminding people that democracy requires the “presumption of good faith in our fellow citizens.”

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Tens of millions of voters put their faith in Obama in the last two presidential election, as did 60 million voters for Hillary this year. Most of those now rioting probably voted for or supported one or both of those candidates. They should now follow their leaders and give up their petulent, self-indulgent and vicious behavior. Grace, open-mindedness and respect lie at the foundation of a functioning democracy. The protesters need to acquire some.

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