I’m not a bit ashamed of being black. What I am ashamed of is sometimes being put in the same pot as blacks who don’t share my values, by people who don’t know me. What I am ashamed of is the possibility that the color of my skin may associate me with liberal blacks like Tavis Smiley, Don Lemon, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the list goes on and on until you reach about ninety-five percent of black voters in this country. Fortunately, I’m 54 years old and I have owned my Real Estate company for twenty five years and I’m in a highly specialized field (commercial brokerage and appraisals), so I’m not out there looking for a job…thank God for that.
Because if I was, I know it would be difficult on two counts. The first is that white America, Mexican America and Asian America is starting to see how stupid and corrupt black people can be. What the rest of America is witnessing is corrupt black leaders like Elijah Cummings who sat as a ranking member on the Benghazi committee and who put party politics over the deaths of four Americans who begged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to get them out of there. They didn’t. They let them die and then lied about it. The truth will come out soon and Elijah Cummins has blood stained hands too.
And then, there’s the rest of them…every single member of the Black Congressional Caucus and pretty much every liberal black non-profit or organization out there is as corrupt as the day is long. I know I share nothing with these people except the color of my skin but just from looking at percentages, someone who didn’t know me wouldn’t know. Again, it doesn’t affect me personally all that much, but I can only think a young black woman or man going in for an interview at XYZ company and how that is going to remind white, Mexican and Asian Americans who are reviewing that application of rioters in Baltimore or Ferguson.
They’re going to think about Ray Nagin, the former Mayor of New Orleans, leaving so many people of every color but mostly black to die during Hurricane Katrina. They’re going to think about Black Lives Matter interrupting presidential candidates by marching on stage or shutting down highways and universities over nonsense. These have honestly been the worst eight years of my life, not necessarily from a financial stand point but from a “what the hell is going on?” standpoint. The media has encouraged much of this because as many of us now know, the media is liberal. They are one hundred percent in bed with the Democrat party, Progressivism, Communism and according to Wikileaks, maybe even devil worshiping.
These ‘black’ men and women who put politics, power and money over everything and everyone else, have no qualms about sacrificing anyone…even a young black kid who’s about to turn in a job application. A kid who no longer has a chance in hell of getting that job, not because they lack the skills required and not because the person interviewing them “hates black people”…but because other black people out there have been willing to hurt others for perceived “injustices” that were never there before they started rioting because a black thug got shot by a white cop. Or were never there before these radicals started burning flags and not standing for prayers or our national anthem.
But they don’t care about black unemployment or that kid losing an opportunity. All they care about is themselves. What is “social justice” when you have to ruin society to try to get it? This “social justice”, phony charges of racism, sexism and whatever -ism they want to call people is nothing more than a big, black lie to shut people up and try to keep THEM down. But it’s doing a lot more…a lot more harm than it will ever do anyone any good. But they don’t care.

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