Vigo County, Indiana, is a famous bellwether county—it was basically a tie in the 2012 election. Now with 75 percent of precincts in, Trump leads the county by 17 points.

Belmont County, Ohio, favored Mitt Romney by 9 points in 2012. It’s favoring Trump by 29 points, with 29% of precincts in.

Vigo County has a median household income of $41,000, and Belmont Co. is $43,000. These are both more than 20% lower than the national median household income.

Belmont is 94 percent white and Vigo is 88 percent white.

One way of looking at this: In the heartland, Trump is vastly overperforming the GOP norm in rural, white, working-class counties.

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GOP projected to keep House, Republicans look to speaker race

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Republicans were on track to keep their House majority Tuesday, making their next mission the re-election of House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

Projections as of 8:40 p.m. Tuesday said Republicans would keep their majority, although they were still expected to lose some seats.

No one expected Republicans to lose control of the House, but their diminished numbers means governing could be tougher given the ongoing split within the conference between anti-establishment and mainstream lawmakers.

A first test of that will be choosing a speaker. The slimmer majority could have the effect of making it easier for Ryan to hold onto the gavel, since the GOP can only afford so many defections before giving away the speaker’s slot to

11/08/16 8:44 PM

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