For more than a year, political pundits like myself predicted Donald Trump wouldn’t run for president. After he ran, we said he wouldn’t last. After he lasted, we said he couldn’t win the primary, and then that he couldn’t win the general election.

Damn, were we wrong.

Now, like broken records, we’re going to spout off on just why we think we were so historically wrong.

We’ve already seen various reactions by stunned pundits, and a no-show by Hillary Clinton as the race was called. Some pundits are accusing the nation of suddenly bringing racism and sexism to the voting booth, while others are eating crow. Clinton campaign manager John Podesta told supporters Clinton wouldn’t concede (a claim that was immediately countered by a report of a Clinton call to Trump) and some are claiming voter intimidation helped Trump over the top.

For its part, Politico immediately went negative:

I was a #NeverTrump conservative voter who voted for Evan McMullin. I don’t trust the president-elect to uphold his campaign promises on life and the Supreme Court, and I don’t agree with his protectionist trade policies. His unapologetic history of crony capitalism is concerning to any advocate of good government, and I don’t think anyone quite knows what will happen with our foreign policy. Additionally, Trump’s history of cheating on his wives rivals that of Bill Clinton. Trump also promised to leave the major drivers of our devastating national debt, Social Security and Medicare, untouched.

I stand by my policy principles, and I hope and pray Trump proves me wrong on life and the court. But as I eat crow and point to my long-acknowledged case of Beltway-itis, I’m also gratified to see Trump win for two reasons.

First and most importantly, politics as we know it was totally upended on Tuesday. Facing enormous opposition from “journalists” and well-funded Democrats, Republicans held the House and the Senate with minimal losses in the former, and took the White House. What will happen to a Democratic Party that stole a primary from its liberal base is unknown, but Republicans have tremendous advantages going into the 2018 midterm elections. Billions of dollars in “journalism,” liberal activism and polling were flushed down the drain.

For years, social conservatives were told our views were anathema to a successful Republican Party. After 2012 and going into Tuesday, well-funded liberal Republicans told party leaders to acquiesce to the rising LGBT agenda that is threatening to throw priests in jail in Massachusetts.

Union president: 'We are all in and lost'

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Trump’s victory is a blow for labor leaders and could result in severe recriminations within the ranks.

11/09/16 12:20 PM

As many will argue, it was millions of faith-based voters who voted for Trump on the basis of his pro-life and Supreme Court promises.

Likewise, millions of blue-collar voters who have been sacrificed for political gain by establishment-approved politicians in both parties made their voices heard. Political correctness was thrown out the window, the GOP’s slide towards amnesty was halted and corrupt partnerships between big government and big business were put on notice.

Second, it’s about time the chattering class was knocked off its perch. People who add no value to the nation’s economy and spend most of their time denigrating Americans as stupid and unable to function without a nanny government were sent reeling. The American people were heard loud and clear, throwing pollsters and pundits alike into hysteria.

Pundits: We’re fired. Plain and simple.

Dustin Siggins is associate editor for The Stream and a public relations consultant. Thinking of submitting an op-ed to the Washington Examiner? Be sure to read our guidelines on submissions.

Pelosi sees common ground with Trump on infrastructure

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“As President-elect Trump indicated last night, investing in infrastructure is an important priority of his,” Pelosi said.

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Clinton to supporters: 'I'm sorry'

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“This is painful, and it will be for a long time,” she said during her address.

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