In the end, Gary Johnson's 4 million votes are only enough for about 3 percent of the popular vote. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

Despite Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson getting more than 4 million votes, which appears to be the most in party history, party insiders could be forgiven for being disappointed on election night.

At times this election cycle, Johnson polled close to the 15 percent threshold to qualify for the presidential debates. With the historic unpopularity of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, he seemed sure to get the 5 percent of the popular vote required to earn some public funding of campaigns. In the end, Johnson’s 4 million votes are only enough for about 3 percent of the popular vote.

But there’s one thing Libertarian Party supporters can celebrate: For the fourth straight election, they got more votes than the Green Party. Their presidential nominee, Jill Stein, got a little more than a quarter of the votes Johnson got.

In practical terms, that probably doesn’t mean much. But it helps to be the most popular third-party choice when people look for feasible alternatives to Republicans and Democrats.

The Green Party and the Libertarian Party have a lot of policy disagreements, too. Libertarians can take a little pride knowing that more people seem to agree with them than with the Green Party.

Jason Russell is the contributors editor for the Washington Examiner.

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