Some college students appear to be losing their minds over President-elect Donald Trump’s stunning victory.

More than 50 Cornell students participated in a “Cry In,” according to the Cornell Daily Sun. “We need to just take a break and just cry before … tomorrow we get back up and keep fighting, because people feel really, really powerless,” one student said.

The Pitt News reported on an early morning protest with “No KKK, no fascist U.S.A., no Trump” chants.

Others don’t seem ready to accept the election result. “We can’t just sit back and let a racist and sexist become president,” a University of California, Berkeley student said.

More than 200 students at Columbia University were “running, screaming, and crying,” chanting “F—K Donald Trump,” according to the Columbia Daily Spectator. Students were seen “weeping in the streets.”

One student at Iowa State University said two of her classes were cancelled due to the election results, with one professor citing the “emotional response by a large number students [sic]. … I think many of you will need some time to cope due to the polarizing nature of the campaign.” That same professor, however, promised to “never preach politics or judge any student based on their political beliefs.”

At the University of Michigan, Campus Reform reports that “students entered the library at around 3:40 a.m. yelling profanities and disturbing the students studying there, eventually departing the premises at the librarian’s request, but only after parading around the library swearing at the librarian and the other students.”

UN climate chief extends olive branch to Trump

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Urges the new administration not to back out of the Paris climate change agreement.

11/09/16 4:19 PM

The chaos even affected some high schools, with more than 100 students at West Seattle High School gathering to chant “Dump Trump.”

In the wake of the election, the University of Michigan-Flint sent an email to all students offering safe spaces.

The Daily Campus, a University of Connecticut student newspaper, reported on a rally against Trump that drew more than 100 students. One student said “I do not hate the people who voted for Trump … because there’s already too much hate in this country.”

The rally reportedly ended with a speaker saying “move forward with love and goodness” while students chanted “F—k Donald Trump.” Those two feelings might be hard to reconcile.

ACLU asks Justice Dept. to accept Dylann Roof guilty plea offer

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Federal prosecutors said they would still seek the death penalty.

11/09/16 4:09 PM

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Clinton to supporters: 'I'm sorry'

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“This is painful, and it will be for a long time,” she said during her address.

11/09/16 12:00 PM

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