The heartbreak ballot illustrates the challenges that put House Speaker Paul Ryan's job security at risk. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

Blending the “Frozen” soundtrack and Paul Ryan’s “Better Way Agenda,” Neil Patrick Harris has pinpointed the challenges facing the beleaguered House speaker.

NPR’s “This American Life” posted the musical analysis on their Facebook page Friday afternoon and their timing couldn’t be more perfect. Ryan announced a few hours later that, despite rumors to the contrary, he doesn’t plan on giving up the speaker’s gavel.

The heartbreak ballad illustrates the challenges that put Ryan’s job security at risk.

There was a time when Ryan was widely considered the wunderkind of the GOP, with his piercing blue eyes, winning smile and analytical mind. Then 2016 and Donald Trump happened. Now Ryan’s intellect has been overshadowed by the celebrity candidate’s bluster. And now his tepid support for the nominee has led some to call for his ouster as speaker.

You can almost hear the sadness of that situation in Harris’ voice and you can definitely see the anguish in the photos of Ryan as the music video plays.

It hurt to see you running to him; I hope in time you’ll see right through him. And I’ll be there when the nightmare has ended. Yes, I’ll be there in the light of day. Turn your back on that troll you befriended and come on back to me when you’re ready for, A Better Way.

Good for a laugh, the video demonstrates Ryan’s very real dream. While the heartbroken speaker has felt his party’s scorn, he’s praying that the GOP will reject nationalist populism and returned to the fold of limited government.

By announcing today that he will run for re-election as speaker, the Wisconsin wonk has shown that he still has hope. The Harris ballad shows that the effort hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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